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Found in 2009, a Hong Kong based gifts and premiums agency which offers one-stop, all-in-one service packages to enhance your marketing supply chain process. The complicated process of marketing supply chain often involves a multitude of partners, teams, and operations inside and outside of a company. Multi Plus Ltd can help you manage total marketing supply chain cost, and can provide an opportunity for measurement in your marketing strategy. Whether you want to commercialize a new product in the market or simply want to cut cost in your existing marketing process, we can provide you with wide range of options to achieve the best result.

We are committed to providing only the best and reasonable priced products to cater customers’ ever changing demands. Our core services include creative development, premiums, procurement, manufacturing, marketing & sales, and licensing.



Multi Plus Ltd is the licensee and manufacturer of Ahrbol.

About Ahrbol:

The creator/inventor is Arne Lauwers. Arne Lauwers is a European game inventor that has already designed many award winning games. His most famous game is called ‘Pictureka!’. Up till today you can find it with Hasbro and as an App with EA Games.

Master designer of all this beautiful artwork is Het Geel Punt. The superb artwork of Ronald and his team keeps amazing people all over the world.

Lagali s.a. is a Luxemburg based IP company that holds all the crazy stuff Arne has invented over the past years in its portfolio.

For more information:

Ahrbol Official Website

iOS  Ahrbol Apps


Frabication Parts

One-Stop Fabrication Parts Service

  • CNC turning, milling, grinding… machining parts.We provide highly accurate precision machining parts, satisfy high demand of installation replaceable of automated machine.
  • Latest solid state laser technology, providing accurate cutting with minimum distortion. Sheet metal fabricated parts provide light weight, economic and quick solution.
  • CNC prototype fabrication, fast accurate. No matter how complex your computer model, we make it real for you!